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Check out our great hotel deals at the Jupiter, an affordable boutique Portland Oregon hotel.

Gift Certificate

Looking for that perfect gift for someone special? Give them a night at the Jupiter Hotel.

Keep Portland Weird

Keep Portland Weird

The Keep Portland Weird Package Includes:

An Overnight StayStay the night stay at the Jupiter Hotel.

A Custom Map of Portland Locations – Find your way around town with 26 weird locations that bring Portland to life. Tips, tricks and directions help you successfully navigate Stumptown with this custom keepsake map.

Stumptown Adventure BINGO – There are unique qualities of Portland that only an insider can point out – and with the Stumptown Adventure BINGO card, you’re sure to spot them all. Make it a competition and be the first of your friends to get BINGO.

Bike rental or On-site Zip Car – Rent a bike from the Jupiter Hotel for the day, a $30 dollar value included in this package. Need faster transportation? ZipCar members recieve a 69 dollar ZipCar credit, good for one month. Based on Bike/Vehicle Availability. 

Discounts – Partnering with The Peculiarium, PDX Pedicab, EastBurn Restaurant and Bar, Music Millenium and Ground Kontrol, the Jupiter Hotel provides explorers with local discounts as they make their way around town.

Moustache, Glasses and Flannel Shirt Disguise – It’s easy to spot a tourist from a mile away, but with the iconic Portland-style moustache, thick-frame glasses and flannel shirt all provided, undercover guests will blend in with the crowd.

Voodoo Doughnut 10 Dollar Gift Certificate – Voodoo Doughnut is the epitome of Portland weirdness with bacon maple bars, jelly-filled voodoo doll doughnuts, and some less-than-PC cream-filled treats. Guests receive a 10 dollar gift certificate to experience Portland’s famous doughnuts- after all, the magic is in the hole!

Overnight Parking – The Jupiter Hotel provide on-site parking for a more mobile adventure.