Add a Flower Bouquet

Give yourself the gift of sunshine. Add a small flower bouquet from Portland's local, woman-owned sustainable flower curators, Coy & Co.

Bring sunshine to your stay

Add on Coy & Co flowers to your room to brighten your stay

Coy & Co, Portland's Sustainably Certified Curatorial Florist, believes that being true-to-you means being true to our future as a community and preserving the planet for generations to come. Coy & Co cares about where your flowers come from, how they got here, and how we treat them. Some of the ways that we reduce our carbon footprint in the floral industry:

  • We use 100% Locally Grown Fresh & Dried Flowers & Foliage, all year, regardless of availability. We define local as a place you can drive to and from in less than a day.
  • All of our flowers are biodegradable & non-toxic, that means they’ll never be dyed, bleached, or preserved with toxic chemicals.
  • We compost locally and diligently. We include clean-up services in our event work to ensure responsible disposal and reuse of materials.
  • We never use or buy single-use plastic or materials wrapped in single-use plastic.
  • We love being Green Street Stewards!
  • All preservatives and cleansers are biodegradable, non-toxic, and refillable.

Let us know if you have any allergies or other preferences with your small bouquet. Flowers will be left in your room before you arrive, whenever possible, and can be either brought with you or left upon your departure. Vase is included in purchase of flower bouquet.

Order 48 hours or more before your stay, and your bouquet will be waiting for you in your room.
Available any day of the week. Orders made within 48 hours cannot be guaranteed.

Cost: $69 for small bouquet of flowers. This cost includes use of the locally handmade ceramic vase, yours to take home.

Find out more about women-owned Coy & Co. Curatorial Flowers