Instax PDX Package

Live your analog influencer dreams with an Instax camera, film, merch, and more!

The “Instax PDX at NEXT” package includes the use of a Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera, two 10-photo packs of Instax polaroid film, a Jupiter Hotel merch item, and a four-pack of PNW craft beer. Plus, we’ve put together a gorgeous map of highly-instagrammable locations from Portland illustrator Ariel Piazza, including neighborhood murals, quintessential Portland hot spots like the stag sign and marquee at the Schnitz, and local must-dos like Powells Books, Multnomah Falls, and more. Get your photoshoot on, explore Portland, and make it a trip to remember. Want to make your analog experience digital? Upload your Instax shots to Instagram and tag us @jupiterhotel!

  • Instax PDX at the NEXT Package includes
  • Use of Instax Mini 11 instant camera during duration of trip (if we do not receive the camera back, you will be charged $80)
  • 2x 10-photo packs of Instax film
  • 4-pack of local craft beer
  • Jupiter Hotel merch
  • Map of Instagrammable spots in Portland illustrated by Ariel Piazza

Cost: $49

Need more Instax film? Buy extra packs at the front desk!