Oregrown 420 Package

Introducing our brand new, updated Everything But The Weed Package. Celebrate 420 in style.

Oregon's First Hotel Cannabis Package is a Legally Awesome Experience!

Jupiter Hotel is proud to bring the first cannabis-friendly package to Oregon. We’ve partnered with epic cannabis company Oregrown for a legally awesome Portland experience that gives our guests an insider’s look at Oregon’s legal cannabis industry. Oregrown is located three blocks away from Jupiter NEXT on NE 12th Ave and NE Couch St.


"Everything But The Weed Kit" from Oregrown WITH:

  • Discount voucher for in-store use
  • Oregrown Stash Jar
  • Jupiter Logo-Engraved Pax Era Battery
  • Oregrown Sticker Pack
  • Oregrown Rolling Papers
  • Oregrown Merch