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Alternatives to Roses this Valentine's Day

We love any chance to celebrate, and what better thing to celebrate than love itself? You can always go the traditional route, of course, with a box of chocolates and a dozen imported roses that only last a day or two, but doesn't your loved one deserve something a little cooler, a little more hip, and a whole lot more fun?

Check out this list of alternative & seasonal flower options from the sustainable florist team at Coy & Co (across the street from the hotel!) that say so much and look so pretty. Before you go pre-ordering your Valentine's bouquet, make sure you...



One of Portland's famous springtime flowers are coming out early... Greenhouse tulips are in their prime for Valentine's Day!

Tulips continue to grow after they've been cut, so both their blooms and stems will open, grow, and change shape as the week passes for a constant interest-piece whose story changes daily.

Before you write off tulips, look up their heirloom parrot & peony varieties to see the wide range of what these story-tellers have to offer.

Pre-Order a Sustainable Valentine's Day Bouquet with Coy & Co.


Lilies are the perfect long-lasting, incredible smelling Valentine's Day flower with their big juicy blooms and impressive long-distance scent throw.

Heads up to the cat-lovers out there: Lilies are deadly to cats, so we suggest another flower type for the feline-friendly in your life.

Pre-Order a Sustainable Valentine's Day Bouquet with Coy & Co.


Cut-orchids, when properly cared for, can last up to three weeks in a vase!

Their unique blossoms and high-value make these a perfect luxurious alternative to out-of-season imported roses.

Pre-Order a Sustainable Valentine's Day Bouquet with Coy & Co.


The hero of Valentine's Day are anemones!

Their classic shape and color range dazzle your loved ones as they marvel at their romantic unveiling. From vibrantly hued reds, purples, and blues to gorgeous light pastels, these flowers can fulfill any floral request.

(Seriously, we had more than one photo to choose from, and the choice was HARD -- these flowers are all so stunning!)

Pre-Order a Sustainable Valentine's Day Bouquet with Coy & Co.


Heirloom Daffodils and Narcissus varieties have a unique sweet smell that really exemplify the rebirth of Spring.

Varieties like Replete have multiple layers of petals that will have your loved one wondering what they are! A fun and sweet conversation piece that will signify the unique and tender connection you have together.

Pre-Order a Sustainable Valentine's Day Bouquet with Coy & Co.


Want this year's bouquet to last forever? Stop in and check out their dried flower bouquets at their shop on 811 E Burnside!

Looking for even more to make your Valentine's last long into the night? Check out our Valentine's Night Package with a Carnal Creativity Class from SheBop, and snag a dessert and a room, too! Maybe you just want to snuggle up and unwind in the center of it all... Whatever you wanna do, Valentine's Day at Jupiter Hotel are unparalleled. All we need is YOU.


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