Best Bookshops to Get Your Summer Read

Here are a list of our favorite bookshops to bring your best summer read to you.

Best Places to

Get Your Summer Read

Okay, sure, yeah, Kindle has everything, we know, but we're all about independent, locally-owned, and human-facilitated reading out here in these parts. Here are a list of our favorite bookshops to bring your best summer read to you with a little "Save Independent Bookstores" vibes on the side. By the way, Portland has one heck of a public library system, too, just sayin'. Grab your next favorite novel, crank the AC way up, and make sure you...


Mother Foucault's Bookshop

Now, we love a play on words, and we love a literary play on words even more! Located on the border of Portland’s inner southeast industrial district (not far from the hotel!), Mother Foucault’s specializes in used, rare, and vintage books. Stop in and browse their wide and eclectic selection of philosophy, foreign language, arts, fiction, and poetry titles. You could find weekly reading events happening in-store, too! Load up on your literary loves, and you may find something you didn't know you needed. Just make sure you're watching your step on your walk back to the hotel... Save your nose-in-your-book moments for the room!

Mother Foucault's Bookshop

Broadway Books

Broadway Books is a locally owned, independent bookstore committed to bringing you great books in whatever format suits you best. We dig their efforts toward accessibility and their offer to order books you're looking for. They also sell e-books, and we get it, sometimes e-books are just what you're looking for! But listen... they've got 'em. Since 1992, these fine folks have been supplying not only the best in written words, but they've also got lots of fun and kooky gifts for you to grab on your way out (with the books you're buying in tow, of course!). Plus, Michelle Obama was there when she was doing book tours for Becoming! We like it!!

Broadway Books

Belmont Books

"A small but incredible collection. Constantly rotating shelves of new editions, vintage collectors items, and everything in between. They don’t have everything, but everything they have is worth your attention. The store has shelves dedicated to local authors, and a whole rack for local zines. This is the real, beating-heart-of-Portland stuff." - A customer of theirs said this, and we couldn't come up with a better way to describe this gorgeously independent bookshop. What a gem!

Belmont Books

Third Eye Books, Accessories & Gifts

Third Eye is 100% Black-owned and operated. Their owners say, "Our vision is to be the number one supplier of African Centered books, accessories and gifts in the Portland Metro Area. We believe our products can be used as a tool to motivate, inspire, restore or enhance a persons cultural pride and to bring forth happiness and healing into the hearts of our customers." This gorgeous bookstore offers holistic wellness appointments with a focus on mental wellness for the BIPOC community.

Third Eye Books

Powell's Books

We've gotta call out the biggest and baddest of them all... Powell's Books! Located on just about every list of places to go in Portland, Powell's is a city block-sized book megastore with every genre, every style, every every thing. Go there for coffee, novels, comics, notebooks, gag gifts, and so much more. They also play host to many of the biggest authors out there for special reading events, and their rare book room is mysterious as all get out. Plus, their staff picks are always a great place to check out if you're not sure where your summer read might take you...

Powell's Books


Find your next best book, then unwind in the center of it all! Need a place to cozy up and decompress before heading up to your room for the evening? Stop in at Hey Love for a night cap. Summer at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU.


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