LAN Party at Jupiter

Jupiter Hotel's First Annual


December 22-24, 2019

Calling all nerds! We’re throwing an epic LAN Party, complete with BYOC setups, Mountain Dew and Doritos stocked and ready, and all the cables and connections you remember from your youth. Not to mention, we’ll have a doubles and singles Smash Bros tournament with prizes for the best on both sides, as well as an enormous pile of board games for you to choose from and intro/expert D&D sessions for first-timers and long-lived players alike. Jupiter Hotel is bringing together our favorite local partners: Free Geek, who will be running the LAN Party in the DreamBOX; Game Knight Lounge, providing the mountain of new and nostalgia-filled board games; and other local companies you’ll definitely know and love.

Check out the full event itinerary here.

    Here’s how it will work:
  • We’re transforming our rooms into the communal gaming spots of your dreams. The beds will be removed, and gaming tables will be brought in… Game Knight Lounge is donating over 100 board games so you can play to your heart’s desire!
  • Sign up for Dungeons and Dragons intro- and expert-level sessions with some of Portland’s most impressively creative DMs, and get the opportunity to play a D&D/karaoke mashup extravaganza!
  • The DreamBOX, our larger indoor conference room, we’ll hold our Free Geek-sponsored LAN Party. BYOC, though we'll have a few stations set up for folks who no longer have PCs.
  • In our two other meeting spaces, we’re clearing out the tables and serving Smash Bros competition realness. Yes, we’ll have a Singles tournament. Yes, we’ll have a Doubles tournament. This bracketed epic competition will extend throughout the two days of this event and culminate in seriously rad prizes for the Doubles and Singles winners who come out on top. We're also going to hold an N64 old-school Mario Kart tourney, too!

  • Why a LAN Party? Well, we’ve got a staff full of absolute nerds. Our staff-wide D&D campaign is taking the holidays off, and we need to get our fix! Heading to the MagicFest Grand Prix at the Oregon Convention Center? Keep the magic going by joining us for the two days after the Fest ends. We’ll have a myriad of open tables, so bring whatever decks you want. Get your game on!

    How does pricing work? The whole 2-day event is $10 flat. Added events, like entry into the Smash Bros tournament, LAN Party and D&D sessions, will cost you an extra $10 a pop while watching folks play and getting your board game on are otherwise included in the first $10. We’ll have beer, wine, snacks and other goodies available for purchase throughout the event, and Doug Fir Lounge delivers right to your room! Room service with your game night? We say YES. Want to stay in the middle of the action? Book a 2-night stay for $150 and you’ll get a free 2-day pass, plus drink tickets included, so join in on the board game playing fun.

    Questions? Shoot them over to, and she’ll be happy to clarify.