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March Madness in Portland

In 2022, Moda Center (home of our beloved Portland Trailblazers) played host to 6 NCAA March Madness games. This year, we aren't hosting any games in town, but we have come up with a few other ways you can get your basketball fan on without having to leave town. Whether you prefer to catch games from your comfy couch at home (or your guest room at the hotel) or you're looking to cheer on your favorite team with other likeminded sportsball fans, we've got a few ideas for you. Before you get your game-watching on, make sure you...


Photo of The X room at Jupiter NEXT by Chris Dibble Photography.

Find the right channel

In your room at the Jupiter, you can set yourself up right to watch the games peacefully (or with friends, family, etc. You do you!) on our 60-inch screens in your guest room. Games will be played on channels CBS, TNT, TBS and truTV. Cozy up with your Seek & Swoon blanket, snack on mini bar goodies, or head over to Hey Love or Doug Fir to grab food to bring back with you!

Photo of the interior of Sports Bra, women's sports-focused bar in NE Portland.

Head out to the sports bar

Portland's no stranger to endless lists of bars and restaurants, but there are a few spots that specialize in sports. Check out any of these sports bars to find the game you're hoping to watch, the people you probably want to watch with, and lots of yelling, cheering, booing, and beyond. Really, it's everything a basketball fan could want during March Madness! Here are a few of our favorites: 

Check out Eater PDX's list of Sports Bars in Portland

Set up your brackets

Maybe you're not even a basketball fan, but you really love game-ifying everything. We feel you on that one. What better way than to game-ify an already existing game than by creating a bracket for it! You've heard of bracketing; You know who is playing who in the first heat, then you get to decide who you think will win down to the new National Champs! You can join a bracket competition on Yahoo!, ESPN, and other well-known apps for things like that, or you can get totally wild with it. Print out a bunch of empty bracket sheets and spread it around your office. Seriously, folks don't even need to know anything about the teams to make a guess. We're great at uneducated bracket guesses... just ask us around Oscars time! Good luck...

Print this NCAA official bracket + schedule

Photo courtesy of

Watch the NBA instead

Okay, maybe not instead, but you could totally ALSO go to a Blazers game this March! The Moda Center is just a stone's throw away from the hotel, and the fact that you can walk there and avoid parking near the Moda Center is reason enough to swing into town and stay at Jupiter Original or Jupiter NEXT. Check out the Moda Center's schedule to know when Blazers games are happening, then plan your trip!

Moda Center Trailblazers Game Schedule

Photo by Anastasia Reyes.


After your team wins (knock on wood!), celebrate with a night at Jupiter Hotel, and top off your party time with a night cap at Hey Love or Doug Fir Lounge, where you can unwind in the center of it all! March Madness at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU.


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