Mt Hood

One hour from PDX: Mount Hood

And endless amount of snow and winter sports await you!

Mt. Hood’s perpetually snowy peak — crowned by eleven glaciers, one for every thousand feet it rises above sea level — can be seen from miles and miles away. It’s home to a total of six ski areas, making it a great base camp for skiers.Historic Timberline Lodge, a WPA project built between 1936 and 1938, hosts some of the only year-round skiing anywhere on earth. The lodge’s design mirrors the lines of the mountain, and was constructed out of stone and wood from the surrounding forest. It’s also a great place to sit by the fire, have a glass of wine and marvel at the massive peak outside.

Beautiful alpine lakes with names like Lost, Trillium and Mirror dot Mt. Hood’s flanks, each offering its own unique view of the mountain.Forests and valleys fill with lavender and wildflowers in the spring, and apples and pears and berries in the summer and fall — so much so that the epic drive between the mountain and the town of Hood River is called the Fruit Loop.There are plenty of reasons why Mt. Hood is one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon. Go see them for yourself.


Hit up Joe’s Doughnuts in Sandy, Oregon, on your way up to Mount Hood. In 1974, right out of high school, a young man named Joe started up a donut shop in Sandy on the corner of Hwy 211 and Pioneer Blvd (Hwy 26). Since then, Joe’s Donuts has grown from a small shop frequented by locals, to a nationally-acclaimed donut paradise recognized for the quality of donuts they produce.

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