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National Donut Day, June 3

Now, we know you don't need a reason to indulge in any of Portland's unofficial favorite baked goods, but if you happen to be looking for a reason, National Donut Day is on June 3! Here's a list of our favorite donut spots around town, but before you go donut-nuts, make sure you...



Closest to the Jupiter, you'll find one of our undeniable favorites: Locally-owned and operated Delicious Donuts! Along with an array of original donut flavors like jelly-filled, custard-containing, sprinkles and glazed, you'll find the biggest fritters, ube-flavored, and other experimental and absolutely mouth-watering flavors, shifting on a daily basis. Like most donut spots, this place closes when the donuts are gone. Make sure you get there early for a baker's dozen! They also have REALLY good breakfast burritos for those looking for a protein hit with their sugar rush.

Delicious Donuts


When Blue Star Donuts exploded on the baked treat scene in 2012, the world was changed by their unique brand of gourmet donuts with fresh herbs, spices, fruits, and liquors in combinations previously unheard of in donut shops. Some of our favorites? Blueberry bourbon basil, Cointreau Crème Brûlée (complete with a pipette of Cointreau to squeeze into the middle), and Raspberry Rosemary Old-Fashioned. And that's only three of them! 

Blue Star Donuts


Now this women-owned all-vegan donut shop puts experimental flavors at the top of its list. We've never even thought of many of their star flavors in our wildest donut dreams! Their monthly flavors include things like Sour Yuzu + Green Tea, as well as savory options like Birria, complete with a cilantro white cheese sauce to dip your donut in. Want to keep an eye on their offerings? We highly recommend following their IG to see some of these wild concoctions for yourself! 

Doe Donuts


We love a New Orleans vibe, especially when those vibes include fluffy, sugary, authentically-delicious Nola-style beignets! At their location in Portland's downtown Pearl neighborhood, you can find their classic brioche square doughnuts (yeah, we're going with the official spelling) with classic Southern flavors like Brown Butter Pecan, Cajun Maple Bar (the Cajun is in the bacon), and Chicory-flavored Vietnamese Coffee.

Nola Doughnuts


You thought we weren't going to mention them, didn't you?? Well, you'd be wrong. Voodoo Doughnuts is one of Portland's staples, making "Keep Portland Weird" on everyone's mind, and on everyone's doughnuts. Between the Voodoo Doll with a pretzel piercing the heart of a raspberry-filled doll-decorated doughnut to the descriptively-named Cock and Balls, you'll also find Maple Blazer Blunts, Diablo Rex with an icing pentagram, and so many cereal toppings. Fun really does come in pink boxes!

Voodoo Doughnuts


Eat your fill of doughnuts, then unwind in the center of it all! Need a place to cozy up and decompress before heading up to your room for the evening? Stop in at Hey Love for a night cap. Summer at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU.


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