Portland Loves Biking... And So Do We!

Pedalpalooza is almost here!

Get on your bike and RIDE!

Pedalpalooza is one of our most favorite festivals of the year. Our infamous Naked Bike Ride, with over 10,000 attendees in various stages of almost entirely undress, is only one of the many opportunities to get on your bike -- alone, with your family, friends, or an absolute THRONG of strangers. Take a look at some of our favorite events for bike lovers of all kinds.


Saturday, June 1: The first major ride of Pedalpalooza, traditionally led by a variety of community members. It’s always family friendly, with a slow pace on major city streets. For the past several years, it’s also been the main venue for passing out pennants which folks attach to their bikes for the duration of the festival so you can “follow the flag to fun!”

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Saturday, June 22: For the 10th year, the most fun bicycle dance party on wheels returns. Ride slow, cargo bike friendly, with frequent dance breaks. Bring your best sound system if you have one loaded with glam rock tunes (but please turn it off for the sing-a-long). Show off your most glamorous, princely outfits to compete:  Awards are given for Best Bike Decor, Best Prince Costume, Best Bowie Costume, and Best Mashup Costume.

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Friday, June 28: Come with the loudest, brightest, most LIT bike decor possible, and get ready for a giant dance party once the ride ends. Last year’s ride ended with over 1000 people dancing the night away.

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Saturday, June 29: Yeah, you've heard of it... It's the largest organized point-to-point bike ride in the state! This clothing optional, body-paint-encouraged, crowded af bike ride as a well-planned route, infrastructure like portapotties and security staff, and around 10,000 participants. Don’t miss the "World Naked Afterparty" -- Just kidding, it's totally not called that, but it IS a helluva lot of fun!

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Sunday, June 30: The Portland Bureau of Transportation runs a series of events on Sundays during the summer during which a loop of streets in various neighborhoods is closed to car traffic, so people can walk and bike and use other human-powered transport to enjoy the streets together. This year’s ride takes place in North Portland, the sun will surely be shining, and if you're looking for an excuse to get back on a bike -- this is it!

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Get on your bike and RIDE (over to Jupiter Hotel!)

When your legs are tired and you need a break from all that bike-related dancing, head over to Jupiter Hotel & Jupiter NEXT to book a room with us! Don’t have a bike? We’ve got a Biketown station between our two spots. Get riding!