Portland Trivia You Probably Didn't Know

Portland Trivia

You Probably Didn't Know

We all know the big ones: the Simpsons is based on Portland names and places, we have the most strip clubs and craft beer breweries per capita in the world, the name Portland was decided by a coin toss, etc., etc. These are a few of the first ones that even shocked us! Check out these trivia facts that blew our minds, then think about heading out to any local trivia nights around town before spending your night in the Rose City. Before you go out finding out more about Portland for yourself, make sure you...



Well, turns out it's extinct... and though we initially read we were the only city in the country, turns out that's not true either. But we're only one of like three US cities with a volcano in it, so that's still cool. Oh, and what volcano? Mt Tabor, of course! Because it's extinct, you don't have to worry about it going full popped top, so take a leisurely stroll to the top of Mt Tabor and get an absolutely incredible view of the entire city.


No kidding! From the U-Haul website itself: "With a 1937 Ford and $5,000 in savings, Sam, Anna Mary and their young son moved from Los Angeles to Portland, Ore. During the drive, they came up with the name and formulated the outline of what was to become the U-Haul Trailer Rental System. The Shoens launched U-Haul in the summer of 1945." Having moved so many times within the city ourselves, we are indebted to these two folks and their brilliant idea!


Tiki standard rum drink, the Mai Tai, wasn't created IN Portland, per se, but Victor J. Bergeron (founder of Trader Vic's restaurant) was a born and bred Portlander. His now-world-renowned drink has become a staple for lounges, resorts, and beachy vacations all over the world. Want to feel like you're on a Portland-adjacent tropical vacay? Get a glass, fill it with orange juice, dark rum, almond liqueur, lime, simple syrup, and... well, why don't you just Google the recipe!


It's real! We didn't think it was, but check this out: 

ORS 558.030Artificial weather modification prohibited without license
No person, without securing a license from the State Department of Agriculture, shall cause or attempt to cause by artificial means condensation or precipitation of rain, snow, hail, moisture or water in any form contained in the atmosphere, or shall prevent or attempt to prevent by artificial means the natural condensation or precipitation of rain, snow, hail, moisture or water in any form contained in the atmosphere. [1953 c.654 §3]

So put away those fake snow machines... we guess?


Okay, this isn't Portland specific, but rather an Oregon fact. Any idea what that famously state-related nut might be? Hazelnuts, of course! Our beloved state nut was declared as such in 1989, recognizing the economic and historical significance of Oregon's hazelnut farmers, who produce less than 5% of the world's hazelnuts but 99% of the national crop.

Photo by Anastasia Reyes.


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