Staff Picks: Historic Movie Theaters

Check out our staff's favorite Historic Movie Theaters in Portland

Staff Picks:

Movie Theatres

Our staff love where they live, and we want to share all our insider tips, tricks, and hot spots that make our city so livable. Whether we're sending you down the block or across town, we've come up with a list of our favorite Historic Movie Theater locations. Before you head out on your historic movie theater date, make sure you...


Josh L. Loves Hollywood Theatre

With programming like Queer Horror, Movie Madness University, and Local Filmmaker Support, historic nonprofit theatre Hollywood (located in the eponymous Hollywood District in NE Portland), offers something for everyone almost every night of the year. Not only does Hollywood support all these epic programs (Kung Fu Night, anyone?), they also show first-run films! Go here to hit up a local favorite and run into all sorts of Portlanders while you're there. Plus, you can get delicious pizza by the slice and plenty of boozy (and non-al) options to enjoy with your movie.

Hollywood Theatre

Katie W. Loves Laurelhurst Theater

Located less than a mile down from the hotel on E Burnside and NE 28th Ave, Laurelhurst Theater is known for showing first and second-run films and for serving food and beer. The theater was constructed in 1923 with an Art Deco design, and the neon lit sign is legendary. Katie does think back to that one time someone was crunching down on a full Caesar Salad during a showing of "Sorry to Bother You" somewhat fondly... but a couple of craft beers in hand made it all worthwhile. This spot is easily walkable, and tickets are cheaper than most other places. And before you leave, make sure you check out the mural on the back of the building by one-time Jupiter gallery artist Jeff Sheridan.

Laurelhurst Theater

Ian M. Loves CineMagic

Home of movies, beer, popcorn, and that big gold curtain. CineMagic on SE Hawthorne and 20th Ave feels like old Hollywood with a splash of old Portland grit. According to their website, you're allowed to bring in outside food, too, which is pretty rad. They request that you don't bring in popcorn or candy (duh, because they sell it there and that would be rude AF), or something huge like an XL pizza, but otherwise you're good! See first-run movies one-at-a-time in their single theater room. We love it!


Erik P. Loves Living Room Theaters

Okay, it's not exactly historic, but historically, it's been an absolute blast (see what we did there??). This 21+ theatre offers wine deliveries (and food and cocktails) right to your seat during the film, plus you get your own recliner, table to set your items down, and it just generally feels like a luxurious way to spend a couple of hours seeing first-run, second-run or indie films. There's always a great mix of stuff to see, and you can be comfortable as heck while you do it.

Living Room Theaters

Eden C. & Ali S. Love Studio One Theaters

Okay, another non-historic option, but this time with epic levels of class. Want to feel like you're hanging with the coolest cats in New York City? Head to Studio One Theaters for the comfiest chairs, couches, hang out spots, and more. This eco-friendly theatre will transport you to a number of international locations with their highly luxurious penthouse theaters offer experiences you won't soon forget. You must not, however, forget that they also have a farm-to-table sit down restaurant and a live music venue on site, too! Make a whole night of it -- and end your evening at the Jupiter!

Studio One Theaters


Head out to see a flick at any of our favorite theaters in town, or hang out on site in Hey Love or Doug Fir Lounge, then unwind in the center of it all! Summer at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU.


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