Staff Picks: Most Romantic Spots in PDX

Staff Picks:

Most Romantic Spots in PDX

Our staff love where they live, and we want to share all our insider tips, tricks, and hot spots that make our city so livable. Our staff loves it so much, they wanna share with you the places they feel the love in the Rose City. Funny story, we didn't tell everyone to name an outdoor location, they just did! Before you start spreading the love, make sure you...


Ian M. Loves Lone Fir Cemetery

Starting the list off strong, we have Ian's favorite romantic spot: Lone Fir Cemetery. Nestled in Southeast Portland, Lone Fir Cemetery is more than just a cemetery. It’s also one of Oregon’s most treasured historic places and Portland’s second-largest arboretum (following Hoyt Arboretum, of course!). The cemetery stones date back to 1846, and there's no quieter place for a lovely, intimate walk when you're trying to get to know someone. Plus, you don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors.

Lone Fir Cemetery

Eden P. Loves Forest Park

Obviously, our staff finds romance in the great outdoors, and we'd be remiss if we left off Portland's shining star: Forest Park! With trails upon trails to walk, hike, bike, or run, you'll find plenty of beauty in nature as you stroll along any of the 80 miles of trails within its urban borders. Need a trail recommendation? We suggest Wildwood, a well-known and moderately-populated trail that will allow you some privacy and also a chance to show off your budding romance with passersby.

Forest Park

Katie W. Loves Cathedral Park

Keeping on with the theme (should we change the name of this article to "Most Romantic Outdoors Spots" instead??), Katie loves going to Cathedral Park. Not only do you get access to the water, but you get an incredible view of the St. Johns Bridge, which is arguably one of the most beautiful bridges EVER. Plus, it's where she got married, so she's got a lot of great memories. Picnics, jazz festivals, Star Trek live shows... it's a solid place to hang in the summer, and it's great for dogs, too!

Cathedral Park

Josh L. Loves Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden sits nestled in the hills of Portland, Oregon’s iconic Washington Park, overlooking the city and providing a tranquil, urban oasis for locals and travelers alike. Clear your mind and take a gentle stroll through the gorgeously designed meditation gardens, the tea house, and so much more. A perfect place for holding hands, being quiet together, and feeling the calming energy of the 12-acre park. Plus, it's in the same area as the Portland International Rose Test Garden, so head out around June, and you'll find a spectacular sight: thousands of gorgeous roses in addition to the gorgeous Japanese Garden!

The Pixie Project

Aaron C. Loves Rooster Rock

Just outside of Portland, the family-friendly and LGBTQIA+-friendly nude beach at Rooster Rock (and clothing-required beach) are gems of the PNW. What better way to get your romance on than to relax together with your toes in the sand, wading into the water alongside your loved one, getting your unwind on? We love it there. It's only a 25-minute drive from the hotel, and it's one of the only beaches in Portland where alcohol is allowed (if you're over 21, of course). Plus, lots of people bring their dogs, and as we all know, joy begets joy, so if you're feeling down, just watch a dog jump in the water to fetch a ball. It'll get you smiling ASAP!

Rooster Rock


Get your romantic self going, then hang out on site at Hey Love or Doug Fir Lounge, where you can unwind in the center of it all! Winter at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU.


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