THIS THANKSGIVING: A Holiday Movie Sleepover

A Holiday Movie Sleepover at Jupiter Hotel

This Thanksgiving, in partnership with Movie Madness, we’re decking the halls of the original Jupiter Hotel to ring with the merry sounds of friendship, fruitcake, and a full-on feast of festive films. From favorites to new-to-you flicks, you’ll get a room, movies, and a full-service snack server for the night. We’ll have all your holiday movie nostalgia covered; From killer turkeys to heartfelt family dinners, comatose sibling love triangles to stop-animation snowmen, our library is brimming with the best holiday films from the last hundred years, plus a room full of the greatest sitcom specials of all time.

Here’s how it’s going to work: You book a room for four to eight people, depending on whether you book a single queen or double. Add on the genre of films you love most (horror, rom/com, traditional, comedy, or action), and we’ll have a selection of three movies waiting for you when you arrive. We’ll also have a library set up with titles directly from Movie Madness's stores to switch out if you’re not vibing with the movies we left for you. Our front desk staff will magically transform into snack slingers, peddling the good stuff right to your room. Yes, we are renting a popcorn machine. And yeah, you get the room for the whole night.

Need a break from your epic movie marathon? Head over to the DreamBOX for a series of sitcom specials that are sure to give you the giggles, warm your cold, cold heart, and bring you a bit of relief from the buzz of all day spent bouncing from dinner to dinner, family event to Friendsgiving. Relax! Let the tryptophan glaze wash over you, grab the biggest box of popcorn we’ve got, and get cozy with us this Thanksgiving.

Check out our movie genres below, then book your room at the bottom of the blog post!


Who says the holidays have to be all about family? Why not add a little gore to that holiday lore with a selection of devilishly divine holiday frights like ThanksKilling, Gremlins, Krampus and many more.

Choose this package if Santa Claus costumes make you a little… nervous… and poinsettias look best in blood red.


A big city gal finds her way back to her small town beginnings, just in time to get the news that her parent’s farm land is being sold to developers by the unfeeling, greedy millionaire with no soul. LUCKILY, the hot, single, eligible bachelor of a cowboy down the street is there to save the day -- that’s all we need to say. You in?

This package is for those of you who adore incredible coincidences, opposites attracting, and snow-covered bucolic scenery.


Yuletide, joy, holly berries, decorating the tree… We’re going full nostalgia on this one, folks. Looking for the best way to kick off your holiday season? Dive head first into a winter wonderland of your own making with snuggly blankets, hot cocoa, and all your favorite festive films.

This package is meant for those of you who already have your holiday decorations out… before Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is a time for feasting, family, love… and then ultimately getting the heck out of dodge for the night. Need a laugh? So do we.

Choose this package if you’re looking for that hilarious escape into holiday madness, starting with a few of your faves: Bad Santa, Scrooged, National Lampoon, and so many more. Kick off your holiday season right -- laughing!


Die Hard. Need we say more? Actually, there are a few films that heavily feature hardcore holiday hi-jinks, and we’ll have all the action you’ll need after a day of festive feasting. Who doesn’t love to see high speed car chases after gorging themselves on turkey meat (okay, okay… we see you out there Tofurky fans).

This package is for those who associate epic fight scenes with holiday cheer. What do you say?


Book your room on Thursday, November 28, and you'll be prompted to pick a package from the Holiday Movie Sleepover packages. This will let us know what movies you prefer! Come on, get cozy with us this Thanksgiving, and kick your holidays off right.