Top 5 Favorite: Black-Owned Bakeries

Top 5 Faves


Something about the month of love makes our sweet tooth stronger than ever. Want to get your sugary sweet fix? Check out these incredible Black-owned bakeries in Portland. But before you do, make sure you...



Sugar Street Bakery & Bistro's motto is to "Keep Portland Frosted," and we are so on board with that. Within walking distance on Water Ave, we highly recommend perusing Sugar Street's list of incredible cupcakes, cakes, and baked goods like their signature red velvet Pettygrove Cupcake, or their ode to Burnside St: vanilla coconut cake drizzled with chocolate ganache topped with chocolate frosting and toasted coconut. We guarantee it'll be hard to choose just one! Enjoy it at their bakery or take it back to the hotel with you to enjoy one-on-one.

Sugar Street Bakery & Bistro


If you haven't gotten your fill of cupcakes yet (we don't blame you), check out Fat Cupcake in SE Portland. Their freshly unique, decadent treats are gorgeously decorated and filled with creativity and over a dozen flavors available every day. You have to try their mini cinnamon bun Cin-Ful Cinnamon cupcakes, their colorful unicorn offerings, or really anything on the menu -- it's all fantastic!

Fat Cupcake


Ready to leave cupcakes behind (for now...)? Head up to Joe Brown's Caramel Corn shop for some seriously mind-blowing caramel corn options. The recipe hasn't changed in 80 years, so you KNOW it's going to be good. Head up to Lloyd Center (while it's still here!), and get ready for the most epic flavor explosion with cheesy options, kettle corn, brown sugar caramel and more. Grab a few flavors and head back to your hotel room for an awesome night of tv watching while you relax and gorge yourself on Joe Brown's popcorn!

Joe Brown's Caramel Corn


We can't mention baked sweets in Portland without bringing donuts into the game! And as far as incredible donuts in Portland go, you have to check out Donut Queen on 58th and E Burnside St -- they have what some refer to as "7-Day Fritters" since those bad boys are almost as big as your head! Go for the fritters, stay for all the other delicious treats in the case. Another one of our favorites? Their French Crullers and Maple Bars! Grab a dozen and bring them back with you to the hotel, and enjoy them all over again the next morning!

Donut Queen


From cheesecake to cupcakes, mason jar desserts to chocolate covered Oreos, DB Dessert Company has everything you could desire and more, and they are sure to satisfy you sugary cravings, no matter what they are! We venture to say there might even be too many options! We're kidding. There are never too many options when your sweet tooth is on the line! Grab a few options, head back to the hotel, and stock a few in your mini fridge to enjoy after dinner at Hey Love!

DB Dessert Company


Whether you're looking to satiate your sweet tooth or find the perfect treat for your special person(s), hit up any of these incredible bakeries owned by Black Portlanders. Let us know your favorites!

Need a place to cozy up before heading to your room for the evening? Stop in at Hey Love for a night cap and enjoy it by the NEXT's lobby fireplace. Winter at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU!