Top 5 Favorite: Cozy Fireplaces

Top 5 Faves


Nothing says "cozy" more than a fireplace, warm drink, and a good book (or whatever else suits your fancy). Here is a list of our favorite cozy spots around PDX with a fireplace to put your feet up by. First things first...



What's that? You don't even have to leave the hotel to sit by a warm, cozy fire? Sign us up! Located in our Jupiter NEXT lobby, you'll find a fireplace with spaced out seating nearby. Feel free to pull your chair up to the fireplace with a good book, your laptop, or warm beverage from Hey Love's amazing cocktail menu. Stay in & stay cozy this fall and winter!

Jupiter Hotel


A quick walk across the river takes you to Kell's Irish Pub, complete with hearty Irish stews, great music, a cigar lounge, and yes, a cozy fireplace glowing in the corner. Whether you're craving corned beef or curious about Kell's list of craft beers, you're guaranteed to find comfort in the bar's quintessential pub vibes all year long. Then, when you're warm, fed, and tired, head back to Jupiter NEXT to snuggle up in your room.

Kell's Irish Pub


On NW 23rd in the Alphabet District, you'll find Fireside, a bar and restaurant with outdoor and indoor seating, a modern fireplace set up, and food that (literally) stems from organic farms and small ranches from places close to Portland. If classy community vibes are your thing, Fireside makes for a fantastic date night, a solo endeavor, or a place to enjoy with family and friends. After you get cozy with dinner and drinks, head back for a night cap at Hey Love, then head up to your room at the NEXT.



In this elementary-school-turned-restaurant/soaking pool/cinema/bar/lodging, McMenamin's Kennedy School brings indoor and outdoor seating, food, craft beer, cocktails, and fireplaces galore. Who would have thought an elementary school could be so cool? Snuggle up by the potbelly wood stove in the Honors Bar or head outside for firepits galore in the school's courtyard. Then head back over to Hey Love for a final hot toddy or hot cocoa, and head up to bed at the NEXT.

McMenamin's Kennedy School


SE Hawthorne's Cartopia food cart pod hosts a lovely and snug outdoor seating area complete with Portland weather-friendly tents, outdoor fire pits,  and some infamous food carts like Potato Champion (we often wake up thinking about how good their poutine and PBJ satay-covered fries taste) and Chicken and Guns's Latin-American free style chicken dishes. We highly recommend ordering, digging in, then taking your leftovers back to your room at Jupiter NEXT because yes, there will be leftovers!!



Need a place to cozy up before heading to your room for the evening? Stop in at Hey Love for a night cap and enjoy it by the NEXT's lobby fireplace. Autumn at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU!