Top 5 Favorite: Creepy Bars in Portland

Top 5 Faves


We're in full swing with spooky season, and in Portland, that means cloudy weather, rain, and darkness encroaching earlier and earlier... What better way to celebrate this time of year than with a cold cocktail at one of Portland's creepiest cocktail bars in town. Get your gothic evenings on, then head to Hey Love for a bright and summery night cap to keep you from getting too creeped out before you...



With a name like Creepy's, how could we not include it on our list? This bar, in walking distance from Jupiter Hotel and Jupiter NEXT, includes an impressive collection of very likely haunted dolls, clown paintings on the walls, taxidermy, and an otherwise homey atmosphere. The wonderfully illustrated menu includes Uncle Bud's Deep Fried Peanuts, vegan options, and cocktails like The Original Frozen Grasshopper, a New Orleans classic.

Creepy's  | Menu


If your vibe is more Haunted Mansion than House of 1000 Corpses, you'll dig the new Raven's Manor cocktail bar. Reserve a full interactive mixology experience or stop in for a few cocktails admist the ghosts of Dr. Raven's haunted lair. We can't promise you won't be subject to some of the good doctor's more... delicate experiments, but we can promise you the cocktails are super spooky and absolutely delicious!

Raven's Manor | Menu


The Coffin Club (FKA Lovecraft Bar) is a horror-themed bar and nightclub that brings the macabre through eldritch decor, spooky cocktails, and weird and wild events and DJs every weekend. Looking for a good time to visit? Check out the Shadowplay events on most weekends for the best dance nights with queer parties, 80s, 90s, industrial, goth, punk, alternative, post-punk, dark electro, & EBM.

The Coffin Club | Menu


Psychic Bar's bright, neon PSYCHIC light conjures images of palm readers, tarot studiers, and ancestor-channeling mediums. Inside, the cozy bar offers a delicious collaboration with Prey + Tell, whose menu features their popular Cambodian Fried Chicken. What's on the cocktail menu? Aptly named drinks like Ancient Rituals (Old Fashioned), New Age Aunt (tequila + tamarind), and the oft-changing Psychic Punch.

Psychic Bar | Menu


From local heavy hitter Estanislado Orona, The Midnight Society's rock and roll vibes gives us shockingly creative cocktails such as the Death Shroud, featuring tequila, marigold, vermut, and absinthe, as well as the Sugar Skull, including mezcal, rum, banana liqueur, and sherry. Check out their Latin American-inspired tapas and grab yourself a drink or two or three...

The Midnight Society | Menu


Make the most of your stay in Portland, no matter what the season. Need a place to cozy up before heading to your room? Stop in at Hey Love for a night cap. Autumn at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU!