Top 5 Favorite: Frozen Cocktails in PDX

Top 5 Faves

Frozen Boozy Beverages

When you wake up at Jupiter NEXT, you're in the heart of the Central Eastside Cultural District. That means you're surrounded by delicious restaurants, killer cocktail bars, tax-free shopping spots, and so much more. Whether you're starting your day or ending it on a high note, check out our five favorite frozen beverages within walking distance of Jupiter NEXT. But before you do...



To say we're obsessed with Hey Love's frozen boozy slushees is an epic understatement. With two (really three) delicious options for a summer sipping experience, you'll have your pick of a rainbow-sprinkled refreshing treat that makes our mouths water just thinking about it. Whether the Tropical Contact High's pineapple dole whip extravaganza is calling your name, or you're more of a strawberry-lime-rosé kind of person, Hey Love has you covered. In fact, order a "Utah Gimme Two," and you'll get a swirl of both!

Head to Hey Love's website to check out a full food & drink menu for all your summer fun needs!


What would make a rummy pina colada even more delicious? More rum! Sandy Hut's Chi Chi is back on the menu, adding a float of rum on top of a summery blend of tropical flavors like pineapple, coconut, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. And, naturally, we can't forget about the paper umbrella. Soaking in the summer rays has to include adequate drink decor!

Keep an eye on Sandy Hut's Instagram for more info about drink specials and more!


Need to know where all the best Pina Colada slushies are? We got you! And we'd be remiss to not mention the home of The Pina Colada King: Tropicale! The coolest part of this colada is that you can get it served straight in the source -- a hollowed out pineapple! Trust us when we say that between the fresh pineapple, organic coconut, and surprise fruit friends in the mix... this pina colada really IS king!

Take a peek at Tropicale's extensive drink menu to cap your summer off right! (And we didn't even mention the burritos, y'all!


Summer charcuterie platters are getting a MAJOR upgrade with Cheese & Crack's light and refreshing Frozé -- and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like: Frozen Rosé! No longer for the basic b's, the over-35s-only, or the cheugy trenders... Rosé, the chillest of wines, is a treat that every of-age adult can enjoy! This particular Frozé delights the palate, and the cheese plate you'll order with it only ups the summer fantasy of it all... We highly recommend adding the cheese plate.

Want to know more about what Cheese & Crack offers? Peep their menu here.


Full up on light and sweet cocktails for the day? When you're ready to hit the bigtime, head over to the Bit House Saloon, and check out their aptly-named Slurricane, a mix of vanilla, vodka, passionfruit, mango, 5-spice... and that's not all! And when we tell you this drink's not messing around... we mean it! Feeling like something a little... lighter weight? You have to snag a boozy Otter Pop while they're in season!

Drink your way around Bit House's epicurious menu -- and let us know your favorite!


When your day of basking in the sunshine and drinking away life's stresses comes to an inevitable end, a comfy place to rest your head will be the perfect ending to a perfect day! Stop in at Hey Love for a night cap, then head up to a room at Jupiter NEXT. Summer at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU!