Top 5 Travel-Friendly Halloween Costumes

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How Do You Find Travel-Friendly Halloween Costumes?

We know how hard it can be to pack for travel, especially when you know you’ll need a costume for Halloween. Well, we’ve done a little research to help you put together the perfect ensemble for the killer costume party wherever you end up -- Did you know Jupiter is throwing a Halloween party with Hey Love???


All you need is a roll of toilet paper, a friend, and maybe a little bit of tape! Now, fair warning, you’re going to want to buy your own. Believe us, you don’t want to be caught without TP in your room post-party. Ain’t no panic like an alcohol-filled belly… especially the morning after.


Get your Goddess on with a strappy pair of sandals, gold eyeshadow, a belt, and the sheet off your bed. Yeah, you can take it, just make sure whatever you drink doesn’t stain -- Honestly, we’ll never know!


Not a map person? Don’t worry, we’ve got maps at the front desk. Then, with a little tape and a surprisingly small amount of magic, you’ve got yourself a dress that will make Carmen San Diego jealous!


Baseball cap, Hawaiian shirt, fanny pack -- yep, you’ve got the whole “tourist” thing in the bag (literally… inside your suitcase!). Don’t have a Hawaiian shirt? Check in with Hey Love’s staff; they’ve definitely got an extra one hanging around somewhere!


Now we know you might not want to admit it, but we know you’ve already got at least a few of these packed already: a) Jacques Cousteau: red beanie, denim chambray button up shirt, jeans, aviator glasses and a pipe, b) The Dude: a robe or grandpa-esque cardigan, sunglasses, shoulder-length hair, goatee (an eyeliner goatee will do just fine!), c) Full Hipster (aka “The Portlander”): jeans, red plaid shirt and/or jacket, gray beanie, and you’re good! Triple points if you’ve got a man bun to go with it!


Get your costume game going strong, then head to the second floor of the NEXT to join the Hey Love/Jupiter epic Halloween party! And make sure you’ve got a room for the night -- believe us, you will party so hard, you won’t want to go far to crash hard and sleep in style. Get your room at the Jupiter!