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Portland's U-Pick Apple Orchards

The Pacific Northwest is known for many things, and none are as delicious as a juicy, fresh-picked apple right off the tree. We've put together a list of fantastically fun U-Pick orchards in and around Portland. Bring your family, bring your friends (but leave your pups at home!). Head back to your hotel room with the biggest and best bushel of them all... But before you head out to the orchard, make sure you...


Douglas Farm on Sauvie Island

Head out to see this 5th generation family farm on Sauvie Island, Oregon specializing in U-PICK fruit & vegetables. Just a quick 25 min away from the hotel, you'll find not only apples, but peaches, cherries, and any other number of delicious fruits and veggies throughout the year. Check out their website to see what's available to pick when you are ready to head out!

Douglas Farm

Oregon Heritage Farms in Willamette Valley

Oregon Heritage Farms is a four-generation owned and operated apple orchard in the beautiful Willamette Valley. This gorgeous apple farm consists of over 200 acres of apples and the farm store operates seasonally from mid to late August through November if you're unable to pick yourself and would rather just grab the goods and go! Head to their website to see what's in season.

Oregon Heritage Farms

Sherwood Orchards in Sherwood, OR

With approximately 1,300 fruit trees, the Oregon Heritage Farm in Sherwood offers many unique varieties of fruits. A fruit orchard for over 150 years, this orchard is a landmark in the Sherwood area under its former name Oliphant Orchards, and current name (as of 2005). With 26 acres to farm, you'll have your pick of the best apples this fall! We recommend joining their email list on the website to find out updates about when fruits are ready to be picked!

Sherwood Orchards

Mt View Orchards in Mt Hood

Mt. View Orchards is a 50-acre apple and pear farm nestled just north of Mt. Hood in the quaint town of Parkdale, Oregon. For over fifty years, this multigeneration family has raised delicious, top-grade, environmentally sustainable fruit, establishing Mt. View as an important fruit grower in the Hood River Valley and Columbia Gorge region. These fine folks are 3 generations strong caring deeply about growing fresh fruit for the community. Stop into their farm store for pre-picked items, or get your own in their orchards! Psst... they have pears too!

Mt View Orchards

Draper Girls' Country Farm in Hood River Valley

Pick-your-own fruit at Draper Girls Farm is relaxing and kid-friendly, a chance to enjoy nature and pick sumptuous fruit. All of their apple and peach trees are dwarf trees, so most fruit will be within easy reach. Their website is particularly helpful with tips on how to prepare, what to do when you arrive, and what to do with all that fruit you end up with! Apparently you can keep their apples in your fridge for up to two months -- way longer than the grocery store! Worth it? We think YES.

Draper Girls' Country Farm

Kiyokawa Family Orchards in Hood River Valley

Kiyokawa Family Orchards has been growing the finest produce available since 1911. Their orchard is family-owned and operated in Parkdale, Oregon. And yes, of course, they also have a farm store that serves up not only pre-picked fruit from their farm, but also a plethora of local jams, honeys, and fresh cider (and what says "Fall is here!" more than fresh-pressed cider??).

Kiyokawa Family Orchards


Pick fruit to your heart's content at those Northwest apple orchards, then unwind in the center of it all! Need a place to cozy up and decompress before heading up to your room for the evening? Stop in at Hey Love for a night cap. Summer at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU.


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