Alex Carlbon


Oct 5 - Dec 5, 2018. Opening Oct 5, 6-8PM

Artist Alex Carlbon

Merging the boundless worlds of abstract and visionary art, Alex Carlbon is a 26-year-old abstract artist. He’s an East Coast transplant currently residing in Eugene. Carlbon paints using his fingers to weave together vibrant atmospheres of psychedelic and psychological landscapes in total chaos and with no certain technique that can be reached or explained. The effect of his work is much like that of an inkblot that reveals what our subconscious is focused on at any given moment.

My artwork is the distillation process of my life experience. When I decompress this is what comes out. My existence is a network of color and inspiration, a corporation of all my wants and desires, ingesting the technology and culture around me and churning it into something equally interesting but prettier than the substrate from which it came. Peering into the abstract to find the dim reflection of my true self within.

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