Debbie Baxter


The Nest Project

Oct 4 - Dec 3, 2019. Opening October 4, 6-8PM
Artist Reception, First Friday, Nov 1, 6-8pm

I’m Debbie Baxter, creator of the The Nest Project and a woman of sincerity and passion. I’ve been making art in some form or another all my life and spent the majority of my adulthood as a mother, professional photographer, and teacher.

The Nest Project is my response, as an artist and mother to the ever-growing pain, injustice, devastation, and wounding of our culture. It was originally inspired as a way for me to hold my own pain and wounding from a challenging childhood, a sick mother, and the death of my mother. From there…I knew that other people could benefit from this stripping down, being vulnerable, finding HOME, and, in turn, feeling FREE.

My first nest was built about 2 years ago as a way to express my own healing. The Nest  as a protection and a symbol of returning to "home". I had my partner photograph mecurled up in the nest naked to show the vulnerability and the idea of stripping it all down and going back to true nature. It was such a profound experience for me and I knew others could benefit from this form of art therapy.

I, then, started building Nests in different cities such as Portland OR, NYC, Washington DC, Burning Man, The Big Island of HI, Seattle, Olympia, and Charlottesville VA. During this time, I gathered 350 images of different people nestled in a Nest along with stories and words of what people were allowing the Nest to hold.

It's now time to share this body of work in an exhibition. I have 50 images ready to print, matt and frame. The show will include a human sized nest built by me. And, opportunities for people to participate in the project by being photographed in the nest.

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