Artist Justin Auld Jan 31 - April 4

Justin Auld

Quantum Painting

Jan 31 - April 4. Reception for the artist Feb 3, 6-8PM

Artist Statement

The Quantum Painting series is an examination of how we interact with the universe's ability to produce true randomness. This randomness is an aspect of our reality that at some level is unknowable to us and was started as a response to this mysterious quality in our lives. This series began with an element of chance or unpredictability within a fixed window of possibilities.

Each work started with a separation of intent and control by throwing a paint soaked rag onto the surface creating the quantum experience-- allowing chance, movement and time to intersect to lay the groundwork for the imagery. Next shapes and images were picked out from what was laid with Auld sculpting the random act to pull out what has been created by infinite variables of force and action. In this experience, the user is invited to embrace this detachment from solid definite imagery as it reflects the true nature of matter and energy, being constantly changing and morphing.

Justin Auld is a Portland-based artist whose work spans a variety of mediums including painting, collage work and video installations. His work challenges the viewer to explore the relationship between consciousness and the slippery quality of reality. Justin Auld currently works at the Art Institute of Portland teaching both fine and digital art.

"The Jupiter Hotel’s First Friday Artisan Series is an opportunity for both local and visiting guests to experience and expand the concept of art into an exploration of all of the senses: visual, taste, touch, smell and sound. The First Friday event is an opportunity to support the local artisans that make Portland a unique and wonderful place to live. Complimentary beverages and light appetizers will be available for guests.