Bubble Gum Geometry

Christopher St. John

Bubble Gum Geometry

Dec  2 - Jan 31 2017. Reception for the artist Dec 2. 6-8PM

Bubble Gum Geometry is a progression and extension of Reno's ongoing experimentation with the process of abstraction and expressionism. "Bubble Gum Geometry just happened, it was not conceptualized," Reno states. He began this series with markers on paper in hotel rooms while traveling between lectures and demonstrations. Reno continued to create these pieces using a mix of paint markers, acrylic paint, and colored pencil applied to wood, canvas, and paper. The series was a response to the "elusive questions and ideas [he] had been explaining in the presentations.

"Many people get caught by the outcome when attempting to create art. That can be good, but it can also contaminate the entire process, causing us to lose our feelings, freedom of expression and our engagement with process," says Reno. "Bubble Gum Geometry is a visual response to all this... a process and outcome that is always arriving without a defined directive. Rather it is built of the raw ideas of art. Color, shape, composition, mark or line, elemental relationships rather shape or form, and the feeling emitted while expressing the creation."

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