Garrett Price: A Place to Rest


A Place to Rest

August 2- October 3, 2017. Reception for the artist August 4, 6-8PM

Artist Garrett Price

Garrett Price is a prolific artist exploring concepts of duality in rich and diverse ways. His artwork springs from a crossroads of the natural world and the man-made industrial world. Contained within Price’s artistic insights regarding this mingling of seemingly disparate worlds, is a subtle yet powerful statement on man’s relationship with nature, and the inherent beauty which can exist in the light or the dark.

The area he hails from has a pronounced history of industry colliding with abundant, untamed natural beauty. In Price’s formative years, it was not uncommon for him to witness bleak logging towns set in primeval forest, or explore the west coast’s extensive railway system navigating alongside formidable rivers, mountains and gorges. This fusion of environments seems to lie at the core of his artistic creation.

A Place to Rest is a collection of steel etching prints depicting dark, modern urban landscapes. The show is a less than polished view of Portland, a city growing and changing rapidly. With these etchings Price aims to depict signs of life as a glowing orange trace of energy, in a bleak mid-apocalyptic city scene. He spent many days roaming Old town, Southwest Portland and many outskirt areas looking for compositions of looming mad-made structures and signs of people surviving in the environment. A Place to Rest is a contemplation of personal growth, transition, and a view of a swiftly evolving city in which it's becoming harder and harder to maintain a spot to rest.

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