Gigi Conot


Coalesce: mixed media

August 2 - September 30, 2019. Opening August 2, 6-8PM

Conot’s work has spanned from oil paintings, to mixed media drawings and paintings, to multimedia installations and sculpture, and on to photography, drawing, and digital collage throughout her career. Her most recent series, “Coalesce”, is another link in this thread that is perhaps the most unusual – photography and sometimes drawing, digitally blended to the point of being unrecognizable, that appears at first glance to be another medium altogether. While she captures most of the images used for her collages in the field, it is in the studio, through music and meditation, that she is able to fully realize their new existence.

I have found my place in nature, again and again, throughout my life. From a very early age, I have been inspired and enchanted by birds – they have appeared to me as both of the world, and as messengers from my spiritual life. Each occasion when I spot a bird, whether on my walks through nature, at home, or in my daily life from Point A to B, is a celebration of all that is beautiful and melodic and free. Birds represent to me something that is hopeful – their unimpeded spring and fall migrations to sustenance and shelter, their incredibly resilient journeys are parts of their lives, and are as much about them as food, water, and song. Each time a bird appears, I rejoice. She has made it, she has survived.

On my walks, I photograph nature and birds – back in my studio, through music and meditation, I weave them into a new existence, an attempt, I suppose, at depicting their mysterious and, at times, magical significance in my life.

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