Ides of March: Ways to Get Over Immense Personal Betrayals... Et tu, Brute?

Ides of March: 

Ways to Get Over Immense Personal Betrayals... Et tu, Brute?

We've all been there. You try running an ancient empire -- it's not easy! The last thing you need is your nearest and dearest inner circle to pull a knife on you on the steps of the meeting hall where you make all your big decisions. Sheesh. Okay, we see you Julius Caesar! Whether you're just looking for a spot to hang out this month, or you're indeed in the middle of your own Ides of March betrayal, leave your Brutus behind and come stay at the Jupiter. We've got loads of ideas for how to move on from the start of your epic revenge tale. Follow our lead, but first...


Watch TV Betrayals Instead

Yeah, we're talking The Red Wedding, we're talking Vanderpump Rules' bitch slap heard 'round the world, we're talking Shane and Rick's baby mama woes... Sometimes, sitting in your hotel room watching TV's best and biggest betrayals gives you a therapeutic nudge away from those bad feelings. When you can watch a fictional friend go through the madness, maybe you'll feel less alone? Right...? Anyway, staying in your hotel room, snuggled under the covers, is a way better place to be than wallowing at home, if you ask us!'s Biggest TV Betrayals

Read Epic Revenge Stories in Bed

Is seeing betrayals happen in real time on the big screen a little too much for you? We hear that. Try reading them instead! You know Portland is famous for Powell's Books, the world's largest independent book store, so head over the river to check out their selection of epic revenge stories. Need a few for inspiration? Check out the Count of Monte Cristo (those punks really do get what's coming to them, circa 1844), The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen (Communist double-agent espionage), or the original Ides of March betrayal moment in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Literature as catharsis while enjoying a hotel room to myself? Sign us up!

Off the Shelf's list of 15 Stories of Betrayal to Read for the Ides of March

Reenact Julius Caesar's Final Moments with Your Bed Sheet

What do you need to reenact the Et tu, Brute? betrayal? Nothing but a bed sheet, if we're being honest. You know what every room at Jupiter NEXT and Jupiter Original have? Bed sheets! Channel your inner toga-wearing ancient Roman dictator... or maybe this time you can be Brutus, and you can get a chance to own your own revenge for your bitter betrayal story. Just... no real knives this time, please! And please, don't cut the bedsheets, either (yeah, we're looking at you!). Toga! Toga! Toga!

Wiki How Can Show You How

Revenge is best served... in a spa!

Get the best revenge on your betrayer by doing the last thing they'd expect... don't even think about them at all! Self-care all the way, baby. Pack up your sexiest swimsuit, get a room at the Jupiter, and walk the few blocks to hang at the Knot Springs spa. From hot springs to cold dunks, steam saunas to dry saunas, foot rubs that don't ask for one in return: They have it all! Plus, with your Jupiter Hotel key card, you get 15% off all services!

List of Knot Springs services

Photo of Charcuterie Me platter in a bed at Jupiter NEXT

Eat your feelings away

Okay, maybe it's not the healthiest option, but you can make it taste great by getting in touch with our friends at Charcuterie Me! You can start slow with a personal-sized Selfie cone, or you can decide what "personal-sized" is and go for the gold with a full-size Charcuterie Box. We won't judge, we promise! This brilliant company will deliver the goods right to you at the hotel, and you can while away your evening watching those TV betrayals, reading those revenge novels, and just being IN IT. No way out but through, my friends, but let us tell you... charcuterie makes the "through" so much easier!

Charcuterie Me's delicious offerings


And why not be even more comfortable while wallowing in your personal betrayal misery? Check out our Jupiter Hotel merch (and specifically these soft AF sweats) as you prepare for a night at Jupiter Hotel. Top off your evening with a night cap at Hey Love or Doug Fir Lounge, where you can unwind in the center of it all. The Ides of March at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU.


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