Our Favorite Oregrown Goodies for 4/20

Our Favorite

Oregrown Goodies for 4/20

It's about to be 420 season, y'all! Celebrate with our pals at Oregrown's Flagship Portland shop, where you find everything (and we mean everything!) from flower to edibles to t-shirts to vape pens -- and you can even get your pen custom engraved! There's really no better way to experience and enjoy all that our legalized locale has to offer. Oregrown have been our 420 kit suppliers for the last few years, so grab your Everything but the Weed Kit from the Jupiter front desk, then hit up the shop a couple blocks away to grab everything else you need! They also have discounts on items every day of the week. Before you put your 420 party hat on, make sure you...


Flower for Days

They've got just about every kind of flower you can imagine. The kind that lifts you way up, the kind that lets you chill out, and everything in between. We couldn't pick just one, so we're going to lean on their Staff Recommendations of Focus North's Colorado Sunshine and Lemon Pastries, Pintail Garden's Soco, and Herbal Dynamics's Noize Complaint. The gorgeous photos of these plants all kind of look like alien lifeforms, and we're totally here for it. Check out their website's menu for more options, and you can see photos and find descriptions of how the buzz might affect you.

Oregrown Flower Menu

Delicious Edibles

If you're anything like us, those homemade rice krispie treats of yore bring back some pretty wild memories. Well, fear not! These edibles are a whole different ballgame. They're measured, metered, and meted out with much more consistent results, and there's nothing like an after-work treat that goes down easy. Just don't eat too many! No matter what your favorite flavor may be, Oregrown has what you're looking for: Blackberry, Watermelon, Cola, and Chocolate Bars to name a few!

Oregrown Edibles Menu

Rad AF Vape Cartridges

If you wanna rip sick cotton and smell good while you do it, we highly suggest some of the best tasting/smelling goodies that Oregrown has to offer: Oregrown's own Girl Scout Cookies Live Resin+ Cartridge, Willamette Valley Alchemy's Gusherz Liquid Live Resin PAX Pod, or Buddies' Blackberry Fire 3:1 Distillate Cartridge. Plus, like we said above, you can get your PAX battery custom engraved at their in-store machine. What better way to celebrate!

Oregrown Vape Product Menu

CBD Fans Unite!

Maybe THC ain't your thing, and we have no hard feelings there. Oregrown has plenty of CBD-based options for your 4/20 celebration. Maybe you're looking for a little CBN to help you sleep, or some topical tincture to ease your aching self. Whatever the reason, with Oregrown's seriously extensive options, we're sure you'll find something perfect for what you need. Check out these: Angel's Hemp Tincture, Wyld's Elderberry 5:1 CBD:CBN Gummies, or MedFarm's Everday Lotion.

Oregrown CBD Menu

Wear It & Share It

Maybe you have all the gorgeously stanky flower, all the resin cartridges, and piles of infused gummies on every surface, and you're looking for something a little more... outwardly festive. Don't worry, Oregrown has that, too! T-shirts, hats, sweaters, you name it. Get something good, and share your 420 spirit with the world!

Oregrown General Store


Want to celebrate 420 in style? Check out our 420 kit by Oregrown, head over to the flagship store, then relax back in your room. Check out our Jupiter Hotel merch, too, as you prepare for a night in at Jupiter Hotel. Top off your evening with a night cap at Hey Love or Doug Fir Lounge, where you can unwind in the center of it all. T420 at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU.


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