Jeff Sheridan


repetitious, self-organizing symmetries

April 5-June 6, 2019. Opening April 5, 6-8PM

Jeff Sheridan received his BA from The University of South Florida in 2010.  His work has been exhibited locally and nationally at locations including Stephanie Chefas Projects, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, Fairbanks Gallery at Oregon State University, Space Gallery, Nahcotta Gallery, Duplex Collective, The Smith Center for Cartographic Research at the University of Maine, Pond Gallery, and The Portland ‘Pataphysical Society.

My work explores repetitious, self-organizing symmetries in the natural world. Affected by elemental conditions, objects in the world are organized in a way that is neither crystalline nor inorganic. Water erosion sculpts mountains, and life populates those exposed fertile pockets. Thematic and fluid, these natural symmetries are accentuated through repetition which in turn create texture and form structures in negative space.

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