Sean Lambert


Aug 6 - Oct 2, 2018. Opening Aug 3, 6-8PM

Artist Sean Lambert

Self-taught artist, Sean P. Lambert, is best known for his abstract renderings on paper and canvas, utilizing a bright color palette in a variety of mediums. Winner of the 2018 Nike BIKETOWN Design Challenge* in Portland’s NE Quadrant, the artist’s singular style seamlessly translates across a diverse array of presentations. From the delicate brushwork of small scale paintings to the vibrant intensity of his more sizable compositions, Lambert’s dedication to color, form and balance is a fresh and vibrant take on contemporary creativity.

Without any formal schooling beyond required high school classes, I’ve developed a highly personalized aesthetic now well into my adult years. As with many artists, I’ve gone through a number of stages- influenced greatly by the works of Kurt Schwitters, Clyfford Still, contemporary Brooklyn-based painter, Eddie Martinez, Dadaism, punk rock art posters, childhood cartoons, Andy Warhol’s Factory output mentality, as well as the more intimately rendered surrealist boxes of Joseph Cornell.

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