Tessa Heck: Electric Eye


Electric Eye Paintings

Oct 4 - Nov 28, 2017. Opening Oct 6, 6-8PM

Artist Tessa Heck

Tessa Heck is a graduate of PNCA. She has shown regionally at Disjecta, Hap Gallery, Worksound International, and the Museum of Contemporary Craft, and CEI Artworks (curated by S/PLI/T) among others. She is a founding member of the alternative gallery space, Killijoy Collective, based in Portland, OR. tessaheck.com

Electric Eye is an accumulation of abstract paintings utilizing color and shape to play with form. Through layering techniques, shapes take place and begin to emerge. As Heck’s practice is comprised of both figurative and abstract work, she finds figures begin to subtly develop even within her abstract painting.

She is interested in the intersection of what is clearly delineated and what is not so easy to define. Electric Eye’s color scheme is lighthearted and hopeful. It is a wishful gesture for the future.

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