Top 5 Favorite: Snowed-In Date Ideas

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In Portland, we can never be too sure about when we'll get snow days. Sometimes they hit early in December, sometimes we have to wait until February (remember the Snowpocalypse Valentine's weekend of 2021?), or some years don't have any snow days at all. Just in case, we've come up with a list of snowed-in date ideas -- no snow required! But before you plan out your epic date night, make sure you...



Maybe it's been a while since you've waltzed with your true love, or maybe you're just looking to relive your youth and freak dance with each other. However you like to bust it out, use our digital concierge, Angie, to start an impromptu dance party in your hotel room! Angie has access to Spotify and other music streaming sites, so you just to call her name, "Hey Angie! Play dance music!," and she'll get the party going for you. And hey, if your boogie-down session goes late or gets a little too *ahem* rowdy, the front desk team will let you know!


Hey Love, the tropical-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar in the lobby of Jupiter NEXT, keeps the summer vibes going all year long. Want to wear that strapless dress you've been hanging on to for months? Feel like a bikini top is perfectly acceptable apparel for other times of year, so why not now? Head down to Hey Love for the perfect sunshine-y twist on frozen pina coladas, chicken chow mein, vegan tartare, and so much more.

Hey Love


Bring a good book or two and bask in the stillness of a snowed-in urban adventure. Believe us, when it snows in Portland, the city stops, which makes your cozy hotel room the perfect spot to stop, take stock, and snuggle up with a good book. Ask the front desk how to get your hands on one of these Jupiter-branded word cloud blankets, or find out how you can take home a Seek & Swoon Envie throw for yourself.


Have you ever tried the "36 Questions to Fall in Love" from the New York Times? We highly recommend using a snowed-in evening to consider each other a blank slate. Just getting to know each other? Great, this will help. Been together forever? We guarantee you'll learn new things! And what better way to chat about the deepest and most profound parts of yourself than including a little sipping whiskey or Dear Mom wine! Check the minibar for goodies galore.


Need something to keep you busy when it's too cold to go outside? Host an impromptu photoshoot with our Instax PDX Package at Jupiter NEXT! Harness your inner analog influencer and take photos around the property -- From the luscious tropical backdrop of Hey Love to the quirky Banksy murals on every floor, your key card and an Instax camera are all you'll need to get the shots your Insta fans will LOVE.

Instax PDX Package


Of course, if you're looking for a bit of spice to heat up your night, check out our Fantasy Kits from SheBop. You'll find our Explore Kit, Hard On, and Chill Vibes packages with plenty of treats for solo endeavors or for that special date night you crave.

Need a place to cozy up before heading to your room for the evening? Stop in at Hey Love for a night cap and enjoy it by the NEXT's lobby fireplace. Winter at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU!


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