Ways to Reconnect with Your Inner Child

Top 5 Faves


Looking for a way to get silly with your family and friends while you're in town? Check out some of our favorite extremely-big-kid-friendly spots around Portland that will let you reconnect with that inner child you know and love. Before you go, make sure you...



Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) is known for bringing incredible exhibits, educational events, and providing an atmosphere of fun amidst all that dang learning going on... But did you know they do events for adults too? Check out their list of scheduled events for info about their Reel Eats series (eat-along films with food inspired by the movie!), Reel Science (actual scientists discussing the movie's magic beforehand), seasonal ale fests, and OMSI After Dark beer & wine tasting events. Most, if not all, of these events will get you in to see the exhibitions too!

OMSI Events


What was your favorite zoo animal as a kid? Polar bears? Oregon zoo's got 'em. Lions? Roar!!! Tigers? Mee-yowww! Bears? How about those red pandas, though... With a myriad of wild animals from all over the world, Oregon Zoo's a great place to remember your childhood by strolling around saying hey to the beautiful bald eagles, chimpanzees, and the absolutely epic bug exhibit. Say hello to the elephants for us!

Oregon Zoo


We all know the age-old adage, "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?" But we've often wondered... how many does it take to get to the center of one of Portland's best ice cream cones? Fifty Licks offers enchantingly exotic flavors like Cornbread Honey Butter, Blondie VS Brownie, and Thai Sticky Rice (or Mango-infused if you're feeling tropical). They might sound absolutely wild, but we honestly couldn't pick a favorite out of those three or any of the other flavors offered. And they have root beer floats! Go get your inner child on!

Fifty Licks


Following your delicious ice cream experience, get ready to lose it all when you jump on the epic fairground rides at the country's oldest continually operating amusement parks: Oaks Park! Besides the Scrambler, the Zipper, the wooden coaster, bumper cars, and so many other fair faves, there's also a fantastically fun roller skating rink attached. No matter what your inner child wants, you'll have plenty of opportunities to reconnect. And maybe you'll win a giant stuffed bear, while you're at it!

Oaks Amusement Park & Skating Rink


Prefer to reconnect with your inner kid by battling alien monsters under the bright lights of a quarter arcade? How about blasting past your friends and foes in a podracer or high-powered sports car? Quarterworld is where it's at, seriously. With a cocktail and draft beer list, going to an arcade has never been this fun. Bank those tickets, too, and you'll go home with some truly memorable prizes.



Get your whole crew together or take time out for yourself. You'll find plenty of fun stuff to do around Portland, from amusement parks to arcades, ice cream to animals... Get your inner kid out!

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