Top Things to SEE/DO/FEEL

Design Week Portland:

April 6-13:Top Things to SEE/DO/FEEL

Design Week is one of our favorite weeks in Portland’s jam-packed calendar year. Why? Because it features many of the things we love about living in our city: Local makers, high-quality design, women-led projects, and beauty in its many forms.

Check out a few of the many, many incredible projects we’re excited to see during Design Week, April 6-13, 2019.

Amplifier - A multi-sensory tasting experiment at Jupiter NEXT

This created by teams of  sound designers,  visual artists, and  mixologists. Participants will be led through three distinctly immersive rooms, each evoking a different mood and theme surrounding a featured cocktail. The installations will give designers an opportunity to explore how sound, vision, and taste can combine into a unique and experiential presentation.

Team 1 // Mixologist Emily Mistell of Hey Love, Visual Artist Alyson Provax, Sound Artist Marcus Fisher.
Team 2 // Mixologist Jeffery Morganthaller of Clyde Common, Visual Artist DB Amorin, Sound Artist Amenta Abioto.
Team 3// Mixologist Leah Brown of Angel Face, Visual Artist Manu Torres, Sound Artist Clint Snow.

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The Metaphysical Photo Booth by New Age Design

Inspired in equal parts by Light and Space artists like James Turrell and Dan Flavin as well as fringe psychological theories, The Metaphysical Photo Booth combines chromotherapy and a sensual visual approach to induce prosocial behaviors in participants and allow them to document themselves in a relaxed, happy moment.

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She Built This City: The Women of PDX Design & Architecture

An inspiring afternoon during Design Week PDX welcomes a panel of influential women in design, pioneers of successful women-led design firms, who will share their wisdom, strength, and experiences from three decades of Portland design.

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Finance, Fashion and Feminism

A picture is worth a 1,000 words but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Take a trip down memory lane as Charlene Quaresma showcases women’s fashion throughout the decades while juxtaposing those beautiful images with the ugly reality of what women could and couldn’t do financially during that time period. Did you know that women couldn’t get a credit card in their own name until 1974?

It’s important to know the past in order to take action in your present. Only then, can the future truly be female. Mixer and Networking before and after the talk. Free financial plans and/or consulting for those interested.

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Women + The Future

In this event, Ladies' Night PDX and 52 Limited will host a panel discussion and interactive experience with women leaders from Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. Panelists discuss the challenges and successes for diversity in this field and creative ways to get experience and opportunities with new technology.

Event attendees will have an immersive experience in Augmented Reality sponsored by Torch 3D and Virtual Reality experience by The Wild.

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Women Creating Paradise: Redesigning Cannabis in a Man's World

Ladies of Paradise invites you to explore the intersection of women, design, and cannabis, asking “How we can shape the future of media together?”

LoP will have an interactive art installation depicting media and the over sexualization of women, sharing their mission of how a women-owned and women-run creative agency aim to shatter these stereotypes and images.

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