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How to Bring Fall with You When You Travel

We're all about fall here at Jupiter NEXT. Now that summer is winding down, we're going all in on pumpkin spice everything, autumn vibes, and embracing the cool weather the comes with the season. Call us cheugy, but we're big fans of fall, so we're sharing our favorite ways to bring fall vibes with you on all your trips and travels this year! But first, you have to book your trip to Portland, and...



What says fall more than pumpkins? Nothing! Add a few mini pumpkins to your room to incorporate that fall feeling. The best part? They're small enough to fit in your suitcase! Forgot to pack your little pumpkin pals? Take a day trip to the farms on Sauvie Island, a 25 minute drive from Jupiter NEXT, to pick them up straight from the patch. Or consider grabbing some souvenirs that can double as room decor by popping across the street for a little Halloween-time shopping at jewelry and gift shop Redux!

Check out our local hookups page for a discount to Redux.


Now, you know what makes you the most comfortable when traveling. For us, blankets and throws are the thing! Bring your favorite fun flannel from home to snuggle up with a good book and watch the world go by. Forget your blanket at home? We've got you. Grab a cozy Jupiter Hotel gray word cloud blanket or pick up an epic Seek & Swoon locally-designed throw at the front desk (pictured above). You'll be able to feel the fall all year long.

Order a Seek & Swoon throw on our Merch Store.


Cable knits, Pendleton flannels, skeleton patterns, and autumn colors make the best sweaters even cuter. Bring your best fall-inspired get-ups, then grab our Instax PDX package, and head out to the pumpkin patch or find a pile of fallen leaves to get that IG-worthy shot. Forget to bring your warm layers? Pop over to OURstore, our new vintage shoppe neighbors, to find your next fall favorite.

Get a sneak peek of the goodies at OURstore.


Need an option that's small and can fit in your carry-on? Bring your favorite fall spice from home! Whether you're a basic PSL kind of person or you prefer a little nuance with a fancy cinnamon option, you can spice up every complimentary coffee in the Jupiter NEXT lobby, or add it to any meal to make it that much more fall-friendly. Don't want to be responsible for any spice explosions in your bag? Check out some delicious PSL alternatives like our across-the-street neighbor Grendel's Coffee House's Maple Cinnamon Latte. Your tastebuds will be the ones exploding with all the autumn flavors going on!

Check out the rest of Grendel's menu for more fall faves.


Tis the season for crunchy fallen leaves and gorgeous fall floral displays. Turn your room into a stunning wonderland with fake fall leaf garland, felt friends, and flower bouquets, and take everything home with you! For beautiful fall decor, check out the wares at Cargo, which carries international goodies that will make your travels feel even more spectacular. If you're looking for a live flower bouquet, Portland's sustainable florists at Coy & Co will bring seasonal delights your way, with locally made ceramic vases for you to bring home with you. Enjoy the ambiance while you're in Portland, then take a piece home with you to enjoy the season all year long.

Add-on a floral bouquet from Coy & Co.


Make the most of your stay in Portland, no matter what the season. When you're done exploring the city to gather all the items you need to make your travels full of fall,  stop in at Hey Love for a night cap, then head up to a room at Jupiter NEXT. Autumn at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU!